IMParty 13
Welcome to the official IMParty13 information page.

This is it!

I'm just too lazy to make a more complex 'site' for the 13th IMParty.

This is what has been changed since last IMParty:
(Except the weather of course)

Starts: 18:00. July 27th - 2001
Ends: 18:00. July 29 th - 2001

However, if you want to have some more information,
I recommend you to take a look at the following links:

With reservations for minor changes.



There is a possibility of a discount on the entrance, if paid in advance.

    Pay in advance
    Make a deposit of 80 SEK to Harri Manni's PostalGiro, with number: 496 78 48-5. Don't forget to mention IMParty 13 and your name.

    Due to slow service, the last date for prepaying via postal giro is Monday, July 23! Deposits done after that date might not be transferred in time.

    Pay at the party
    If you don't pay in advance, but rather "at the door", it will cost you 100 SEK instead.



For questions about IMParty 13, you can e-mail Harri Manni or Anders Eriksson.